village of wainwright

Visiting Wainwright 

The Village of Wainwright embraces change, and actively seeks to welcome visitors and business while at the same time maintaining our traditional way of life. Help us meet both goals by following these general guidelines:

No alcohol or drugs: The Village of Wainwright has a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs, and neither is permitted to brought into the Village or consumed here.

Respect our Elders: Elders are revered in our community. Please show your respect by abstaining from taking photos without permission; allowing them to speak without interrupting; and giving them time for their opinions and thoughts to be expressed.

Avoid culturally sensitive areas: Visitors must request permission from the Olgoonik Corporation to access Corporation land.

Plan your trip carefully: Lodging is limited in the Village, so please reserve your room before you arrive. (See Marketplace).  And be sure to check the weather before you come – Wainwright is in the Arctic climate zone, which means temperatures can range anywhere from -56° to 80°F.

Download your copy of the Wainwright Community Guide.