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village of wainwright

Village of Wainwright (907-763-2575)
Second Thursday of every month 

Olgoonik Corporation (907-562-8728) 
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City of Wainwright (907-763-2815)
Second Monday of every month

The Wainwright Tribal Council has one seat vacant! Please submit a Letter of Interest to the tribal office if you are interested in council seat vacancy. The eligibility requirements are as follows: Any enrolled member of the Tribe, twenty-one (21) years of age or older, shall be qualified to seek and hold membership on the Tribal Council, provided that he or she has been a resident for at least twelve (12) months directly preceding the election. No person who has been convicted of a felony shall be eligible for membership on the Tribal Council.

Elder-led Environmental Education Story-telling

EVENT CANCELLED FOR TODAY-Will re-post with new date/time. Thank you.

TO THE COMMUNITY- if you have old pictures of Wainwright, could the tribal office please make copies to use for the next story telling? These will be used as visual reference for the students to see the differences in how Wainwright was then vs. now in relation to the elders' stories.