village of wainwright

Village of Wainwright staff:

​  Rose Panik,     Tribal Administrator 

  Amy Ekak       Environmental Coordinator

  Della Driggs    Administrative Assistant

The Village of Wainwright is the governing body for Tribal matters and is a sovereign government recognized by the federal government. Its mission is to preserve and exercise the Tribe’s inherent sovereign rights and powers, to conserve and develop Tribal land and resources pursuant to Tribal law, custom and federal law, and to establish justice.

The Olgoonik Corporation, Wainwright’s village corporation, was established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. It owns more than 175,000 acres of land surrounding Wainwright. The Corporation’s Iñupiat board of directors is guided by a two-fold company mission, to gain financial success in order to create shareholder opportunity, and nurture and protect the community and its heritage.

Wainwright  Governance

Village of Wainwright

Tribal Council members:
   Blair Patkotak,       President
   Edwin Tazruk         Vice President
   Edward Kagak,       Secretary
   Roy W. Ekak,         Treasurer
   Vacant,                  Member
   Simon Aguvluk,      Member
   Muriel Panik           Member