village of wainwright

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Can I come to Wainwright to hunt?
Access to the 175,000 acres of private land surrounding the Village is prohibited except with permission of the Olgoonik Corp. There are no Tribal guiding services available.

Can I make lodging arrangements once I arrive?
Lodging in Wainwright is limited and visitors should make reservations before traveling to the Village. Global Services Inc., 907-349-3342, handles reservations for the hotel. 

What’s the weather like in Wainwright?
Wainwright falls within the arctic climate zone, characterized by seasonal extremes in temperature, from -56 to 80 °F. Winters are long and harsh with only a couple of hours of daylight, and summers are short but warm. The Chukchi Sea is ice-free from mid-July through September. 

Which is correct — Iñupiat or Iñupiaq?
“Inupiat” is plural and refers to a group of people. “Inupiaq” is singular, referring to one person and also to the language.

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